Final Project!

Equality for the LGBTQ+ community has always been crucial to me because my brother came out as gay when I was super young. I always cared deeply about the community and advocated for them in any way I could, even when I was young, but having someone so close to me come out made the… Continue reading Final Project!

Weekly Summary #12

My most favored assignment to complete this week was “Mashup.” I had never explored the mashup assignment bank before this week, and I can say that it is my favorite section in the bank that I have done so far! There are a bunch of assignments that allowed me to express my creativity and combine… Continue reading Weekly Summary #12

Animoji Karaoke Remix

The “Animoji Karaoke” assignment instructs you to “create yourself using Apple’s Animoji and sing or lip sing to your favorite song! Save the video and upload it to your blog. Make sure to include 1) Why do you think your character looks like you? 2) Why did you chose this song?” I clicked the remix… Continue reading Animoji Karaoke Remix

Music and Imagery Remix

For my first mashup assignment, I did “Music and Imagery” with the remix generator. The original assignment was to mashup photos from your favorite movie with the sheet music from my favorite song in the movie. I instantly thought of the movie A Star Is Born, starring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. One of the most… Continue reading Music and Imagery Remix

Weekly Summary #11

This week was one of my favorites because I got to channel my inner YouTuber completing the video assignments. I have always found joy in filming and editing videos, which is why I was super happy this week to explore more of the assignments in the video bank. There were some super cool ideas that… Continue reading Weekly Summary #11

Interview Yourself

For my second video assignment I completed “Interview Yourself.” I was super thrilled when I saw that this was an assignment created because I have been watching Billie Eilish do this video for five years now, and I love seeing it pop up every year! I think it is such a cool idea to measure… Continue reading Interview Yourself